Performance evaluation tips

Working on performance evaluations can be overwhelming, but by following the following valuable tips, you will have structure and purpose behind your process.

1. Remember the objective of performance evaluations

    • Summarize employee’s performance thus far
    • Set goals for the future
    • Give clear, objective feedback
    • Discuss areas of improvement
    • Written record of employee performance

2. Ask good questions

3. Listen and empower

4. Guide conversations

5. Know what motivates your employees

6. Coach Employees

    • Partnering with your employees in a thought provoking and creative way that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential

7.  Ensure coaching is aligned with core values

8.  Ensure performance documentation is in order

    • There should be very few surprises
    • Review prior year performance
    • Understand how documentation works
    • It’s okay to give an A
    • Don’t give everyone an A
    • Give your employees responsibility to evaluate themselves
    • Ensure your message is consistent

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