Build a culture that supports high performance

Employees reflect the culture of their workplace. If you expect high performance from your employees, createa culture that inspires them to work to the best of their abilities. Start with these key principles: Communication. Effective, two-way, face-to-face communication is vital to letting employees know howtheir performance contributes to the organization’s success. If they don’t understandContinue reading “Build a culture that supports high performance”

Tips for effective virtual presentations

The pandemic has changed the way we work and virtual meetings are not going away soon. So if you are used to creating in-person presentations, what’s the best way to create effective virtual ones? It’s not as easy as just moving yourself and your content online. Be prepared Prepare agendas and notes as you wouldContinue reading “Tips for effective virtual presentations”

The fine art of delivering feedback

Feedback is in important part of growth and development, especially in working relationships. However, knowing the best way to provide feedback can be a tough. To begin, it is important to remember feedback begins a dialogue so both parties can improve understanding. It is Information about a person’s performance of a task and should be given toContinue reading “The fine art of delivering feedback”

Performance evaluation tips

Working on performance evaluations can be overwhelming, but by following the following valuable tips, you will have structure and purpose behind your process. 1. Remember the objective of performance evaluations Summarize employee’s performance thus far Set goals for the future Give clear, objective feedback Discuss areas of improvement Written record of employee performance 2. AskContinue reading “Performance evaluation tips”

The power of SMART goals

Do you find yourself or your employees setting vague goals without clear objectives that miss the mark? Every goal, whether small or complex, can benefit the clear structure of SMART goals. To implement SMART, goal setters break down their desired objective through the following five categories: S – Specific M – Measurable A – AchievableContinue reading “The power of SMART goals”