John Lane: Regular Check-Ins Are Important to Success

By Lianne Tucker, ESO Communications Intern Over his 16 years at UHD, John Lane has been a leader to staff members with specialized skills who support and train UHD faculty and staff on different systems and software applications. As Director of UHD’s Technology Learning Service, he has eight direct reports for whom he is responsibleContinue reading “John Lane: Regular Check-Ins Are Important to Success”

Pat Ensor: Accepting the Challenge of Performance Evaluations

By Daniel Pena, ESO Communications Intern Those in supervisor positions at UHD know, and sometimes dread, conducting yearly Employee Performance Evaluations. Despite the apparent difficulties faced when conducting these evaluations, one UHD supervisor, Pat Ensor, takes these evaluations as a challenge to improve her employees and herself in the process. “They are vital.” Ensor, W.I.Continue reading “Pat Ensor: Accepting the Challenge of Performance Evaluations”