Combatting Burnout

Elena couldn’t remember when it all started. The exhaustion, lack of motivation, irritability and general disregard for what she used to find important in life. When at work, Elena noticed she couldn’t concentrate and felt very scattered. She had very little interest in the work that previously mattered to her. While at home, her irritabilityContinue reading “Combatting Burnout”

Manager Pulse Survey

UHD Employment Services & Operations would like to better understand your needs. Please take our very brief manager pulse survey. This survey covers questions about your experience with performance evaluations. It is completely anonymous. The survey should take less than one minute and will remain open until February 28, 2022. If you have any questionsContinue reading “Manager Pulse Survey”

Enhance your career with a SWOT analysis

If you’re committed to professional growth, a SWOT analysis can be a useful tool. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Here’s how to assess each area: • Strengths. What motivated you to pursue this particular career path? Do you still feel the same interest and commitment? What do you contribute to your organization?Continue reading “Enhance your career with a SWOT analysis”

Build a culture that supports high performance

Employees reflect the culture of their workplace. If you expect high performance from your employees, createa culture that inspires them to work to the best of their abilities. Start with these key principles: Communication. Effective, two-way, face-to-face communication is vital to letting employees know howtheir performance contributes to the organization’s success. If they don’t understandContinue reading “Build a culture that supports high performance”

HR Suggestion Box

ESO is interested in your HR-related suggestions. You can submit your suggestions via our online suggestions box. The box is anonymous, but you have the option of providing your contact information if you would like someone to follow up. Please submit your suggestions below. If you request someone to follow up, you will be contactedContinue reading “HR Suggestion Box”

Upcoming ESO Events and Trainings

For more information on a specific event or training, please click on the associated link. For events or trainings without links, watch The HUB Digest for event announcements. January 4 – Surviving an Active Shooter 10-11 a.m. January 4 – Surviving an Active Shooter 2-3 p.m. January 11 – Surviving an Active Shooter 10-11 a.m. JanuaryContinue reading “Upcoming ESO Events and Trainings”

The Three Benefits of Frequent Performance Feedback

By Lianne Tucker, ESO Communications Intern It’s no secret that both employees and employers rarely look forward to the task of annual performance reviews. Employees and managers often view them as a waste of time. However, as a manager, you can make performance reviews significantly more effective and much less painful for everyone involved byContinue reading “The Three Benefits of Frequent Performance Feedback”

John Lane: Regular Check-Ins Are Important to Success

By Lianne Tucker, ESO Communications Intern Over his 16 years at UHD, John Lane has been a leader to staff members with specialized skills who support and train UHD faculty and staff on different systems and software applications. As Director of UHD’s Technology Learning Service, he has eight direct reports for whom he is responsibleContinue reading “John Lane: Regular Check-Ins Are Important to Success”

2021 Performance Evaluation Process and Timelines

The 2021 Performance Evaluation Process began Monday, December 13, 2021.  Timelines  To ensure all evaluations are completed on a timely basis, employees are strongly encouraged to adhere to the deadlines listed below. Staff will be prompted by email to complete each of the following tasks: Please remember, if second-level and third-level managers do not approveContinue reading “2021 Performance Evaluation Process and Timelines”

Tips for effective virtual presentations

The pandemic has changed the way we work and virtual meetings are not going away soon. So if you are used to creating in-person presentations, what’s the best way to create effective virtual ones? It’s not as easy as just moving yourself and your content online. Be prepared Prepare agendas and notes as you wouldContinue reading “Tips for effective virtual presentations”