The Three Benefits of Frequent Performance Feedback

By Lianne Tucker, ESO Communications Intern

It’s no secret that both employees and employers rarely look forward to the task of annual performance reviews. Employees and managers often view them as a waste of time. However, as a manager, you can make performance reviews significantly more effective and much less painful for everyone involved by making them a part of your regular work schedule.

  1. Provides direction and affirmation. More frequent performance feedback gives your employees confirmation that they’re doing well, as well as provides direction for where they can improve. These more frequent conversations allow you to not only point out what is not working but also allow them to offer tips and tricks to improve performance.
  2. Creates better relationships between employees and managers. When managers and employees engage in frequent communication, it creates a better relationship between them over time. In fact, the number one reason given by employees when they leave an employer is due to a poor manager relationship. When feedback is more often and reciprocal, it can lead to better employee retention rates. Employees are more likely to come to managers with questions, comments and concerns. Frequent communication builds trust, which leads to better workplace relationships.
  3. Does away with guesswork. Guesswork in the workplace is never a good thing. When employees and employers are guessing, it usually means there is a communication problem that can lead to poor performance and inefficient work. More frequent feedback eliminates guesswork because it provides employees with consistent assessments and suggestions on how to improve their work and performance. Instead of just hoping for the best, employees will know exactly what is expected of them and be set up to succeed.

As you can see from these three points, positive, useful, more frequent feedback can be full of benefits to your employees as well as help you and your team excel.

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