Tips for effective virtual presentations

The pandemic has changed the way we work and virtual meetings are not going away soon. So if you are used to creating in-person presentations, what’s the best way to create effective virtual ones? It’s not as easy as just moving yourself and your content online.

  1. Be prepared

Prepare agendas and notes as you would present in-person. Prior to your presentation, practice by recording yourself. We are our harshest critic, but we can also be our best ally when preparing.

  1. Build engaging content

Include games, polling, questions, detailed graphics and co-presenters to keep your audience engaged. Attention decreases after a person has listened to the same voice for 10 minutes.

  1. Get to the point

Brevity and clarity are key. Provide pertinent details to facilitate understanding while avoiding the long-winded explanation.

  1. Stand

Stand to present even when the audience does not see you. This will help with focus, belly breathing and voice variation.

  1. Be authentic

Everyone is here to hear what you have to say. We love the authentic you and look forward to hearing your professional presentation. If you are “checked out” of the presentation, then your audience will be too.

  1. Test your Technology

Ensure all tools are operational at least an hour prior, and test them again 15 minutes before your presentation. This may include your video camera, mic, audio, internet connectivity, computer battery, etc.

  1. Eliminate distraction

Always present in a distraction free room with great lighting and muted color walls. Your professional attire should also be free of distracting prints and vivid colors.

  1. Use UHD Community Resources

LinkedIn Learning Modules


Article by Donnie Kesterson, UHD Talent Development Coordinator

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