Fall Kudos Recipients

Congratulations to UHD's Fall 2019 Kudos Recipients

Academic Advising

  • Sharona Castello
  • Tristan Jackson
  • Destiny Anderson
  • Ashley Bonilla
  • Thalina Sabido
  • Lou Ann James
  • Craig Heitmiller
  • Tanyanika Tidwell
  • Christina Williams
  • Donna Dodson-Tibbs
  • Ralph Estrada
  • Trevor Jones
  • Bansari, Moffe
  • Thalina Sabido
  • Ricky Whitehead

Academic Support Center

  • Isidro Grau


  • Candace McCray

Career Development Center

  • Timothy Coulter

College of Business

  • Belinda Hernandez
  • Emily Leffler
  • Dalia Sherif
  • Lynnette Gulley

College of Public Service

  • Tanyanika Tidwell
  • Ana Esparza

Computing, Telecom & Video Network

  • John Henneman
  • Victor Montejano

Conference & Events Services

  • Tesha Ward

Employment Services & Operations

  • Bernice Guillen
  • Chetiqua Matthews Herron
  • Donald Kesterson
  • Lisa Raynor-Keck

Facilities Management

  • Andrew Contreras
  • Jose Muro
  • Corey Austin
  • Patricia Gutierrez

General Accounting

  • Bobbi Shaw

Graduate & International Admissions

  • Chelsea Koutroulis

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Ashley Foyle

Information Technology

  • Rose Martinez

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Justin Burton
  • Edgar Mendez


  • Nakia Oliver
  • Michelle Jones
  • Adrian Mallard
  • Michael Myers
  • David Nguyen
  • Liem Nguyen
  • Marian Salvador

Public Safety

  • Lou Naut
  • Cheyvonna Williams
  • Eric Zett
  • Tracy Lee


  • Janelle Frazier
  • Jeancarlo Guzman
  • Janelle Frazier

Sports & Fitness

  • Cecealia Booty
  • Richard Sebastiani
  • Rhonda Scherer

Strategic Enrollment Management

  • Tiffany Reno

Student Accounting & Cashier

  • Mariah Scott

Student Affairs

  • Lisa Lyle
  • Daniel Villanueva

Student Services

  • Leanna Santos
  • Tasha Jones

Technical Services

  • Grace Davila
  • Vicente Esquivel
  • Franklin Phan
  • Laura Montelongo
  • Frank Reyna
  • Ammad Khan
  • Jack Ammerman
  • Berry Bryant

Technology Learning Services

  • Manuel Fernandez Tomasetti
  • Daniel Ko

Undergraduate Admissions

  • Danielle Mitchell

University Business Services

  • Stephen Kidd

University College

  • Jemma Sylvester-Caesar
  • Tanu Altomare

University Relations

  • Maya Ben-Bassat

User Support Services

  • Khoa Phan
  • Said Fattouh

Veterans’ Affairs

  • Richard Selvera

UHD Kudos are a quick and easy way to provide positive feedback to a fellow staff member/employee. They can be applied to performance evaluations since Kudos reside in My TalentSpace.

Along with receiving Kudos recognition in My TalentSpace, recipients are recognized each month in the HUB DIGEST. Additionally, the staff member with the most Kudos each year will be recognized at UHD’s annual Staff Awards ceremony.

There are two ways to send Kudos.

  1. Outlook – Home Tab – “Send Feedback” Icon
  2. My TalentSpace – “Hamburger Icon” – Performance

For additional information or detailed instructions on how to use Kudos, visit bit.ly/UHDKudos.

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